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        Jiangsu Chuanglan solar air conditioner co., Ltd, subsidiary of Jiangsu Menglan Group, is the pioneer in the field of renewable energy exploitation and utilization, and it has been devoting on the development, production and sales on solar energy products. It has numerous R&D engineers and experts in the field of solar air condition as well as management and marketing. Chuanglan has its own R&D team, advanced equipments and laboratories, with 28 domestic and foreign patents on solar air conditions. Chuanglan specializes on the manufacturing of hybrid solar air conditioner, solar water heater and atmospheric water generator in wild range with high technology, large production scale and marketing advantages.
        With a plant of 21£¬000 square meter, 2 automatic production lines of 500£¬000 units annually capacity and advanced equipment on R&D and testing center, Chuanglan has successfully marketed its products to over 120 countries, which is a great outcome of its sales team with the full support of its R&D and production departments. Thus, Chuanglan has achieved a leap forward development in a few years.
        Chuanglan aims at building its name in clean energy developing and usage. By having hybrid domestic and commercial solar air conditioner as its core product, Chuanglan also becomes diverse on solar water heater, atmospheric water generator, high energy water purifier and so on.
A technicalization, industrialization and internationalization Chuanglan is booming in to the market.


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